Auberginn / Breakfast

Have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar.

Breakfast is the most importany meal of the day for Auberginn. We think that it should give you everything for a perfect start of the day.

Fabienne and Eric carefully prepare your breakfast every work day.

They provide a range of healthy, organic food items and because of their preference for traditional local products you can taste products at the Auberginn breakfast table that you will not find anywhere else.

Every work day, breakfast consists of:

  • Cold buffet: with different types of bread, organic cheeses and spreads, organic breakfast cereals, home-made granola, yogurt, fish dish (varying range of smoked salmon, trout or shrimp).
  • Warm buffet: a savory seasonal, freshly prepared buffet, supplemented with an egg of your choice.
  • Hot drinks: organic coffee (from Koffie Kàn), organic tea, hot chocolate…
  • Fresh drinks, such as freshly squeezed oranges and organic apple juices (den Boogerd from Zelem).
  • Auberginn prefers the use of traditional local products.

If you have any food allergies, please forward this information to Fabienne and Eric. They will provide a custom offer.